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Please be aware of attempts to take advantage of people seeking jobs at Cedars‑Sinai through fraudulent websites and email domains. Learn more.

Learn how to protect yourself from fake job offers.


Cedars‑Sinai is committed to the safety and security of our staff, patients and visitors. We’re thrilled that you are considering joining us and exploring ways you can make a difference here. Unfortunately, you may encounter scams hoping to take advantage of people seeking jobs at Cedars‑Sinai.

Here are some things to watch for so that you don’t become a victim: 

  • Emails sent from generic email accounts.
    Our teams will never email you from a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Account. We will only use official Cedars‑Sinai email addresses; generally, our accounts end in,, or

  • Requests for payment as part of the hiring process.
    We will never ask you for money, for a fee of any kind or for you to purchase equipment for a home office.

  • Payments sent to you before you start work.
    We will never send you a paycheck and ask you to deposit it before you are officially employed. We will only provide you a paycheck once you are a Cedars‑Sinai employee and have put in work hours.

  • Online interviews via Signal or Google Hangouts.
    Our interviews are conducted in one of three ways; over the phone, online using Microsoft Teams or WebEx, or in person at a Cedars‑Sinai location. We never conduct interviews via Signal, Google Hangouts or any other online chat room.

If you feel you are experiencing a scam or are wary of any communication you receive, do not send money or provide personal information.

You help others; we help you.
Our HR Service Center will be happy to help if you feel any communication or job opportunity may not be legitimate. You can contact us by phone at 424-314-6947 or by email at