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Academic and Research Careers


Discovery is central to Cedars-Sinai’s mission. The institution’s laboratories and clinics generate ideas, therapies, devices, and systems that contribute to biomedical progress around the world. More than 2000 research projects currently underway explore the genetic underpinnings of disease, exploit the potential of stem cells, leverage nanotechnology, parse big data, and assess how gender and metabolism impact health. Cedars-Sinai’s investigators push the frontiers of biomedicine with studies in cardiac care, cancer, digestive health, the neurosciences, women’s health, and more. Cedars-Sinai has earned its position as a research leader through an ever- expanding effort to promote health, reduce suffering, and improve human life. Current research funding from grants is over $232 million. In FY 2022, Cedars-Sinai was ranked 9th nationally in NIH funding among independent hospitals.


Cedars-Sinai’s robust academic enterprise shapes the experts who will help redefine medicine for the next generation. Cedars-Sinai has a fully accredited graduate school offering PhD and MS programs as a degree-granting institution. As one of the leading freestanding academic medical centers in the country, Cedars-Sinai has a legacy of providing the most competitive graduate medical education programs, including 15 residency and 89 fellowship programs. In FY 2022, 23% of interviews for medical residencies at Cedars-Sinai were offered to students from underrepresented groups, and 17% of those candidates matched in one of our programs  in highly advanced facilities with state-of-the- art equipment and cutting-edge new technologies.

Opportunities for the Next Generation

Through our highly competitive residency and fellowship programs, innovative master’s and PhD degrees, and specialized training for nurses and pharmacists, we maintain a pipeline of opportunity—especially for promising professionals from underrepresented populations. Cedars-Sinai’s robust academic enterprise is shaping new experts who will expand our legacy by revolutionizing biomedicine and redefining healthcare for future generations.

As we’ve evolved, Cedars-Sinai has become one of the most dynamic and highly renowned health systems in the world. Along with caring for patients, Cedars-Sinai is a hub for biomedical research and a training center for future physicians and other healthcare professionals. This attracts exceptional talent to Cedars-Sinai, including world-renowned physician-scientists who seek a place where they can both conduct research and see patients — the ideal formula for discovery and its translation into cures.

Where You'll Work

Whether you love world-class entertainment, dining, shopping and museums or prefer the outdoors and sports, Los Angeles has something for everyone. Year-round sunshine provides the perfect backdrop for endless activities. Centrally located in the middle of everything is Cedars-Sinai. Working and living here, you’re never far from something new and exciting.

As a member of the Cedars-Sinai team, you’ll be a part of a group of professionals who give their all to continuously strive to expand the horizons of medical knowledge and remain at the forefront of advances in healthcare and science all in the aid of our communities. We take pride in hiring the best, most passionate professionals, and we are committed to creating a dynamic, inclusive environment that fuels growth and innovation. 

Education Programs at Cedars-Sinai

Our education programs span the range from research internship programs through staff development programs for nursing and beyond to graduate and post graduate programs. Learn more about our education programs:

Research Clusters

Cedars-Sinai has nine research clusters, faculty-driven research groups composed of laboratories with shared interests and expertise with the goal of enhancing efforts to promote career development and oversight. Faculty cluster leaders have been selected based on familiarity with the focus of each cluster and a history of successful research and mentoring.



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